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    Cherries are the most awaited fruit for its sweetness. Crispy, juicy and dark-colored cherries from Agricola Di Pietro are known for the integrity of the fruit and their goodness. They come to the table as if they were harvested directly from the tree thanks to careful and patient harvesting and rapid packaging. The company boasts more than 20,000 trees divided into eight varieties: Ferrovia, Sweet early, Bliz Star, Celeste, Primeggiante, Ariana, Marisa, S. Lorence.



    on your



    One by one

    The cherries after the harvest are carefully checked “one by one” directly in the field. Fruits are calibrated, subjected to visual inspection that certifies their integrity. After this scrupulous work they are ready to be packaged quickly.

    Harvesting period

    Perfect maturation

    Only when the cherries reach perfect ripeness can they be harvested by hand. The operation takes place delicately to keep them in good condition. During the months of May and June, maturation is complete for almost all varieties.

    The colors of taste