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  • The beautiful bunches of ripe and fresh grapes are the result of meticulous work, the result of the commitment of the Di Pietro farm on the vine and the vineyard. The company boasts more than 15,000 stocks divided between 4 varieties: Vittoria, Italy, Italy 2, Pizzutella. The maturation takes place between July and September with hand-picked collection, guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality.

    Grapes of Apulia




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    Sweet bunches

    The mild climate of the Apulia land, and in particular the area where Agricola Di Pietro is located, allows an exceptional life to develop. The result is exceptional bunches of grapes that stand out for the large berries and sugars characterized by the unmistakable shades of colors that go from yellow to green.

    Periodo di raccolta

    Research and tradition

    A lot of research, innovation and tradition are an integral part of the work of the Di Pietro farm in the table grapes sector. Since the times of ancient Rome, the beloved berries were one of the main agricultural products of Puglia and even today they are fundamental for the economy of the region. It is therefore very important to live up to tradition without renouncing innovation in agriculture to continue producing one of the best table grapes.

    The colors of taste